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'02 Dodge Intrepid won't start cold

Calling all experts!!! Okay let me give you the info you need and shoot me any ideas you have. The car is a 2002 Dodge intrepid ES 3.5L (not High Output ver) the car was left unstarted for 5 days in below zero temperature in Montana. There was 3 gallons of gas in tank. The car started for 2 mins then shut off and will not restart. I have done the following so far…Gave it 2 cans of ISO-Heet,gae it another 6 gallons of gas, put car in garage for hours with propane heater, fully charged battery, and finally last night i checked spark plug for gas on tip and found no gas and a small scent of gas…also we could not get a spark to arch when i removed coil pack and held spark plug near metal. Sorry for long post please help.