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02 corolla pimp out

i have a 02 corolla and want to “pimp” it out.2 inch drop and body kit i know but i want to improve performence. new motor exaust and what not but im not so sure with wat? any ideas please help me out

You are on the wrong forum.
Go find yourself a different venue for your creativity, because this is the wrong place.


I agree. Pimping out a Corolla would be like putting lipstick on a pig.

You can pay somebody $$$ to do all this stuff, or you could learn about how cars work and DIY.

By the time you made your car respectable in the performance category you could have bought yourself a Corvette. A body kit is going to hurt performance, not enhance it. If you really want to enhance performance you’re going to have to get the dog of a motor that’s in there, out of there, and replace it with something entertaining, like maybe a 3sgte or better yet a Supra motor. Both of these will cost you thousands, and we haven’t even started on brakes, suspension, tires, and boltons yet.

You’re better off selling the Corolla and getting a better platform to build up.

Perhaps take am English class?

…or perhaps a PM English class!

Whether the class is in the morning, afternoon, or evening, a literacy class is definitely a good idea.

Seriously, however, the OP is just going to embarass himself/herself if he/she attempts to “hotrod” a Toyota Corolla. To use a very old saying, “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”.

I’d like to see a Supra RWD engine in a FWD Corolla. It’ll be wide enough to fit across two lane markers!

BTW, these cars didn’t come with V6’s, so some serious shoe-horning is required to fit one in. A turbo would be better. But the engineering and fabrication work to make that work, you could buy a used Vette or V8 Firebird/Trans-Am, as shadowfox mentioned.

Guys, I agree that pimping out a Corolla is a hopeless endeavor, but be nice. English may not be the PO’s first language. If I moved to a Italy, I’m sure it would take many years to become proficient in the language…and my Italian during that time would probably be worse that the OP’s English.

Give the OP the benefit of the doubt. We all deserve at least that.

Well, naturally I meant convert it to RWD.

I mean, he wanted to pimp it out, right? So let’s pimp it out! :wink:

If the OP has nothing but money, he could redeem himself by hotrodding the Corolla. After all, one of the coolest drag cars I’ve ever seen was a late 80’s or so Caravan that blew the doors off of Trans Am’s.

“…would be like putting lipstick on a pig.”

And you haven’t seen pigs with lip gloss?