Aftermarket Parts for 2003 Toyota Corolla?

What can i put on my 2003 Toyota Corolla? i would like some body kit and what kind of stereo and speakers should i get. I have a 12 inch sony xplod (900w) sub and a sony xplod amp (760) (not installed yet). Sadly the car and the interior is tan and i’m not sure black rims would look good??? im open to all ideas! So please let me know what you guys think!

This should look good:


I’ll go slightly off topic . . .

I think that Corolla looks pretty decent in stock configuration

I also happen to think the Corolla S with the factory body kit looks ugly

Here’s an idea . . . mount a set of the factory Corolla S rims, but don’t add a body kit

If you feel that you must add a body kit at least try to use a tasteful one that does not have an aircraft sized wing or a front valance that looks like a river barge.

You might also consider the roads in your area when making a decision on this. Many body kits have very low clearance on the front valance. It doesn’t take much of a dip or hump to mangle or rip a front valance to shreds.

My oldest son has a 96 Camaro RS with the F1 body kit. Those cars sit low enough anyway but the front airdam on the kit has about 3" of road clearance. Due to several scrapes and critter strikes the front airdam is right where it needs to be; off the car and in storage.

If you’re sticking with the stock wheel size you can get an idea of what a particular wheel will look like on the car you can go to for every wheel listing there’s a view on vehicle button. Body kits are a matter of personal taste, If you do please have a paint shop match the kit to the rest of the paint on the car.

I have a tendency to mock cars that can’t back up their looks with actual performance. $3000 in body kit , wheels, tires, spoilers, and leaving the engine untouched = weak sauce in my book.

I would say save the money for things that you will actually need ! Maintenance.

There’s lots of stuff.
Google "2003 Corolla body kits. You’ll find plenty of companies happy to take your money.
For wheels, just visit

or google “aftermarket wheels 2003 Corolla”.

Do your neighbors a favor. Don’t modify the neighbor-agitator (sound system) any more. You won’t make any friends by waking everyone’s babies and shaking their windows while they’re trying to relax.