02 BMW 325i Fan wont turn off

My wife drives a 02 325i the fan in engine won’t turn off unless it’s unpluged. If you plug it back it the fan does not come on. It doesn’t do it all the time just occasionaly. Any suggestions?

Do you no if your fan got replaced in 02? BMW had a large campaign (recall) due to fan issues just like you described. Your going to have to find out if your car was involved in the recall(some got fixed before being shipped) and did your car somehow get missed. This fan situation involved many different models and lots of cars. BMW gave all the Techs in the U.S. a very nice watch ($200.00 IIRC) to thank us for all the fans we had to replace. Dont want to scare you but cars have had engine compartment fires over this.Continue unplugging fan until resolved. The only car I saw burned up was your model.