BMW X3 air pump


My local “friendly” BMW repair shop wanted over 1K to replace a fan and attached valve on my injection system and 3 hours to fix it…I found it on line for under 300 and replaced it in 45 minutes at home…Now here is my question. The new fan is slightly different and was attached to another devise that appears to be another fan as well…the new fan looks to be all inclusive of the older version, thus eliminating the obsolete smaller fan…Do I leave this older devise attached to its power supply ? and or the older hose that is no longer needed and unattached, just leave it that way as well??

Any one with any insite would be my new best friend…



Remove everything that will not make the CEL come on…

I dont know what a CEL is???

I have driven over 120 miles since the fix and the dash has not reset…How long should it take??
Are you saying disconnect the old fan motor as well??