'01 Toyota Camry Brake issues

My girlfriend bought a Toyota Camry '01 and parked it for a few months before putting it on the road. During that time she had the parking brake on. We went to move the car and after fixing the battery issues the rear tires would not move. After talking to a mechanic he recommended just driving it back and forth to break them loose. That is after taking the parking brake off. We did that and the tires would not move even after going back and forth out of the drive way onto the road. The passenger rear tire would only roll in the reverse direction and the driver side rear tire would not roll at all. Is there some trick to getting the tires to free up?

Usually the rocking back and forth will break the shoes free of the drum. Make absolutely sure that the parking brake cables are truely releasing i.e. the cable is slack up to the backing plate of each brake. If the cables are true releasing, then I would try backing off the automatic adjuster of the rear brakes and then rocking the car forward-reverse-forward-reverse-etc.

BTW is this the LE model with disc brakes on the front and drums on the rear?

Hope that helps