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01 Sebring shakes and jerks

My daughter’s 2001 Chrysler Sebring began “shaking and jerking” last night. She described it as similar to when a person drives a standard transmission that doesn’t know how to do so. (Her car is an automatic.) She had been driving it for about ten minutes without a problem and had luckily just turned onto a residential street to pick up a friend. She said the check engine light came on as well. She was able to limp it to her friend’s and leave it parked there.

Recent work on the car includes the thermostat being replaced and a resistor related to the heater blower motor being replaced.

Any suggestions on what might be causing this will be appreciated. She’s probably going to have to have it towed. I feel bad that I can’t help her with this because I just had surgery yesterday and am laid up.

The myriad of situations that could have caused this problem is…vast.
Until someone reads the stored trouble codes that caused the CEL to light up, nobody will know for sure.

After it has been towed to a repair shop, and after they have had a chance to examine the car, ask what trouble codes were found. They will be in a format similar to “P0123”. Then, come back to this thread, and post those codes for specific advice.