01 Protege cabin fan issues

Hello and happy memorial day weekend.

My wife’s car is having an issue. The fan settings in the cabin go from 1-4. When settings 1-3 are selected there is no fan and the a/c light comes on. When setting 4 is selected the fan comes on, but the a/c light goes off. The fan does not work on 1-3 in all settings (floor,floor/top,and defrost…etc.). If anyone can provide some insight that would be great.

have a great weekend.

oh yeah…i checked all fuses and they are ok.

The first two things to check for this problem are the blower motor resistor pack located in the blower housing. This component is what lowers the voltage to the blower motor for the lower speeds.

The other thing to check is the high speed blower motor relay. This is what switches the voltage thru the resistor pack for the low speeds, or switches the voltage directly to the blower motor for the high speed.


Most likely, the resistors that regulate the fan speed have burned out.
When that happens, the fan will only operate on the highest speed setting.

In many cars, the resistors are inside the fan motor housing, making it necessary to replace the entire blower motor. In other cases, the resistors are located separate from the motor, in the HVAC duct.

There is also the possibility that the fan speed switch on the dashboard is bad.