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01 Honda Civic blows under dash fuse #4 intermittently

My son’s Honda Civic keeps periodically blowing the #4 fuse under the dash (alternator).

He replaced the VSS and had the alternator tested but it still happens.

At one point the fuse would blow as soon as you turned the key to ignition but I traced that down to a shorted wiper motor which I replaced and that solved the immediate fuse blowing. BTW according to all documentation I have, the wiper motor is not supposed to be on fuse #4 so perhaps the under dash fuse box has issues.

Does anyone have a schematic for the under dash fuse box? I have the 01-02 service manual which has wiring diagrams that reference specific fuses but I can’t found one for the box itself. Are there relays in that box or is it just wiring from fuse slots to the many connectors?

Fuse #4/20 AMP supplies power to the radiator fan relay located in the underhood fuse/relay box.


Actually the fuse blowing is #4 in the under dash fuse box

Also my son corrected me: he did not replace the VSS and instead replaced the ELD.