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01' Corolla that dies when started

I bought my 2001 Toyota Corolla in the Fall of 2007. Less than a year after the car was purchased the engine began to die when I started it up in the morning. When I backed it up and pressed on the gas to go forward it would feel/sound like it was about to die. If I gave it more gas it would usually die (but then start right back up without a problem), but if I slowly pumped the gas peddle a little at a time it would start going fine and wouldn?t give me anymore problems. It wouldn?t happen every morning and after a few months it went away. This summer it started doing the same thing. I?m not sure if the problem is related to the heat or not because it only seems to come up in the summer months. I?m not sure if this is a serious problem or something that won?t affect my car or not. Any ideas?


I am having the same exact problem with the same exact car. Can someone please tell me how to solve this problem?

The basic things to start with are fuel and ignition systems. What is the basic maintenance history like? How old are plugs and wires? Ignition coils and such can be tested. How about the fuel filter? Fuel pressure should be checked. How about the air filter? If any basic maintenance isn’t up to date (see owner’s manual) then it should be made so.

Is the check engine light on?