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01 blazer starting and parking brake

I recently purchased a used 2001 Chevy Blazer with a manual transmission. In order to start it, I have to push very hard on the clutch, almost through the floor. Is there some type of adjustment to make starting a little easier? Also, when I push on the parking brake, it also goes right to the floor and seems like it barely engages. Is there an easy and cheap way to fix this? Thanks for ideas and help. l

Somewhere related to the clutch pedal is a safety switch that won’t let the car start unless the clutch is depressed. They are often adjustable & yours probably needs adjustment.

Attached to the parking brake pedal lever is a cable that sets the brake. The cable is either broken or out of adjustment and/or your rear brakes are out of adjustment.

Neither of these things is major. If you want to mess with it go blow $20 on a repair manual at an auto parts store.