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01 Alero: AC and rear defrost not working

Hey guys! First off, sorry for being a n00b. I have an 01 Alero that is a great little car with only 80k on it. Runs and drives like a champ but it has 2 issues that drive me nuts. The AC doesn’t work at all. If you press the button on the dash, it does not light up. The compressor doesn’t do anything either. I did check all the fuses trying to eliminate the simple but I didn’t find any bad ones. What would be my next thing to check? Is it ever the AC relay?

Then the one that really frustrates me: the rear defrost. I live in MI, so 75% of the morning I need it to clear either snow, ice or fog. The button works but the lines don’t heat up. I checked them all for power and none have power. I also checked each one for breakage and continuity and they are fine. I saw somewhere that the connection at the module likes to fry but I inspected it and didn’t see anything burned. Does anyone know where to go from here?

Thanks guys!

For the AC problem you simply need a shop that specializes in automotive AC. Diagnosing and repairing this will require specialized equipment and expertise as well as the knowledge, ability, and perhaps certification to deal with the refrigerant.

For the second problem, I’d suggest a shop that specializes in automotive electrical systems. Assuming, of course, that you’ve already checked the fuse.