'00 Dodge Neon - Oil On One Spark Plug At Bottom of Plug

My friend has a '00 Dodge Neon of which he noticed a misfire from the engine. He found when removing a spark plug that it was covered in oil on the bottom of the plug. After he removed the plug he then noticed that the spark plug tube was protruding higher than the others. At this point he removed the tube claiming it simply came out. How can I reseal or “cement” (using Indian Head Shellac perhaps?) this tube back into place?

Loctite sealer No. 271. The tube and slot in which it goes into must be completely cleaned of oil.

 While your in the parts store pick up a Haynes Manual for complete instructions 

Loctite 271 http://tds.loctite.com/tds5/docs/271-EN.PDF

Thanks! I’ll let you know how it turns out. Just finished the work about an hour ago.