1997 Dodge Neon

I have a 1997 Dodge Neon with about 153,XXX miles on it. My check engine light has been on and i know that is caused by a random misfire. But more recently i went to start my car and it started but ran for less then 10 seconds and died. I tried to start it again and it wanted to but wouldnt make the final step i guess. We checked my spark plugs and i had oil sitting in 3 of the 4 there are. We have tried starting it again after cleaning the oil out and it started on the first try, im just afraid of messing anything else up so until we figure out why it did this to begin with the vehicle is off limits. My Fiance said we need to replace the spark plugs and a gasket. But i would like another opinion.

I would start with new spark plugs, spark plug wires, and a valve cover gasket set. Your tube seals are leaking, the tubes referred to being the ones leading down into your spark plug openings. The valve cover gasket set will come with new tube seals, which will stop the oil leak into the spark plug wells. This is probably the cause of your random misfire, and it could have caused some other damage, such as to the coil pack, but first you need to fix these known problems since they are relevant to what you are experiencing.

So we have everything out and we are putting it back together. The old spark plug tube seals were hard to get off and now we are having a little trouble getting the new ones on. We were told they should just pop into place but they seem to be to big, ( by to big i mean they dont slide into where they need to. the harder rubber sits right on the rim of the hole.) even though they came in the same packet as everything else. Is there a secret to getting them in?

Try putting a little oil or grease on them.

Yes, I know these are difficulty to insert. I have never done the job myself, but talked to others who have. Put some Loctite or Permatex on the bottom and then tap them into place with a mallet and a block of wood.