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How to remove a GPS or Tracking device

I have a Mitsubishi Endeavor XLS 2004 and it has a GPS or some kind of tracking device on the passager front side. It came that way and the deal acts like they cannot find it. From time to time it will make a loud beeping sound. I have looked in all the magazines to see what it looks like and still I cannot find it. I took it to several car places and they don't know what to look for. I bought the car in Savannah, GA .



  • Did you buy the car at one of those buy-here-pay-here places? Some of them add a device to remotely disable the car when payments are missed.
  • I second lion9car if this is one of those BHPH lots and you're making payments to them instead of a bank.

  • Best thing to do would to be cover the vehicle in tinfoil for a few weeks, and so they can't read your thoughts you better fashion a tinfoil liner for your hat. The reason the dealer is no help is because they are in on it, they are part of the conspiracy. Be careful......

    tee-he tee-hehe
  • Most, if not all, cellphones can easily be tracked. If you are nervous about being tracked.....leave your cell phone at home. I think the device is probably from a BHPH lot if it exists at all.
  • There was a gadget installed on my Corolla when I purchased it new, presumably by the Toyota dealer. Not a tracking device, but some kind of connector-keyed-inter-lock that prevented cranking. Installed on the lower dash panel, right above the driver's knee. Pretty much invisible unless you knew where to look. Which I didn't. Probably used to prevent car-theft from their lot. They removed part of it after purchase, but left part installed, which I knew nothing about. And the part they left caused me grief a few years later, as I apparently hit it with my knee one time and cracked it, and then my car wouldn't crank intermittently. I finally found it by tracing out the wiring, comparing to the shop manual wiring diagram, until I found that some gadget was wired in the cranking circuit that didn't appear in the shop manual.

    So I concur with the OP, good idea to remove it.

    First thing you have to do is find it. It makes a beeping sound you say? That's generous of them to provide a covert devise with a beeping sound. So when it does beeps, pull over, and see if you can find where it is by sonic-location. Then, to get some advice how to remove it, take some photos of it and how it is wired up, and post them here.
  • Mr. GeorgeSanJose, Long story short police report filed we cannot get into deals and our knowledge of the wiring system is limited, so we are in need of someone who knows what to look for and how to remove it, the local car shops don't know what to look for either. We were told that the beeping sound was to get our attention. The bank has nothing to do with this. It is on the passager front side under the dash. The issue with our car are serious, all jokes aside. We are really looking for some help.

    Thank You,
  • Could it be lojack? Find someone who installs lojack to see if he can help you.
  • Here are a couple generalities. Unless you can give us the name of the device, no one can give you specifics, but if you could tell us the name, you wouldn't have needed to post here.

    Any device like you are asking about needs a clear path to an external antenna. The metal car body would block that path so it would be located high in the area under the dash. The easiest way to access this location would be to remove the glove box.

    You probably have an airbag in this location so it gets tricky. It could be located behind the airbag, taped to the underside of the dash cover.

    It also needs power so there would be some loose wiring. Most wiring is bundles and terminates in a connector of some type. The airbag wiring should be inside a yellow jacket. You would be looking for a single wire, maybe two individual wires just draped over the top of the HVAC system. They could be hard to find.

    You mention beeping so the power could come from a wire tapped off the blower motor. The device would have to have a battery as you don't always supply power to the blower motor. The beeping could be the device signaling that the battery is low.

    If you have a FOB, the device might just be the FOB receiver in the car.
  • Speedaway,

    I think a lot of people here are hesitant to help because this post sounds like somebody who purchased a car at a "buy here pay here" place, fell behind on payments, and now wants to avoid having the car repo'd. While the BHPH shops are often ethically slimy, nobody wants to be party to criminal behavior.

    If you could give a plausible and legal/ethical backstory, I bet the quality of answers would go up.
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