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2000 Honda Odyssey TCS light and transmission problems in cold weather

For a few years now, in cold weather, when starting my 2000 Honda Odyssey the TCS light will stay on and the transmission will not shift out of low gears. I can drive in reverse just fine, but when I try shifting to drive, the "D" drive indicator does not light up and it will only drive in what seems to be first gear. However, when sufficiently warmed up, I can restart the engine, the TCS light goes out, and everything's normal. The warm up time varies from 5 to 10 mins or more, and is unpredictably annoying. I went to a dealer last year and they didn't seem to have a clue. There must be someone else with the same problem. Is it just a matter of a bad sensor? Let me know if you have a solution. Thanks.


  • When was the last time the transmission fluid and filter was changed?
  • Not sure, but I have regular maintenance done. I'll check that out, thanks.
  • It is probably a temp sensor. I will have an ATRA approved shop[ read the codes and decide.
  • It would help to get the codes and post them here.

  • My next step is to try and get the codes read. Thanks to you all.
  • edited January 2013
    Results: It was coming up code P1607, and I found another person online with a similar problem and code. They had to switch out their PCM. Same diagnosis for me, and a new one would've cost about $1100, plus there was also another (unrelated) big problem with the motor mounts ($800) worth. Probably needed a brake job too, so rather than pour all that money into it I traded it in :).
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