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Your Rewrites of Baby Boomer Tunes?

edited August 2011 in The Show
"Papa's Got a Kidney Stone"; "I Get By with a Little Help from Depends"; "Bad Prune Rising."

This week on Car Talk, Tom and Ray shared some of their favorite rewrites of classic baby boomer tunes. (You can see the full list, right here.). What are your suggestions for new twists on the old classics? Share them here!


  • edited September 2011
    Ah the joys of Kareoke :)) You can sing anything you want, to the real music.

    And in my live country/rock band we'd have fun changing lyrics to see if anyone was paying attention.

    My favorite ;
    singing and pointing "There's the bathroom on the right"
    ( "there's a bad moon on the rise" from Bad Moon Rising, C.C.R. )
  • dude still has his lady / dude looks like a lady / areosmith
    sweet imodium / sweet emotion / aerosmith
    everyday i have to snooze / everyday i have the blues / bb king
    pepto bismol pam / polythene pam / beatles
    im a crotchedy old man / im a man / bo diddely
    discontinued mercury blues / mercury blues / canned heat
    no haired country boy/ long haired country boy / charlie daniels
  • Hey! You! Get offa my lawn! (from "Get Off My Cloud, Rolling Stones")

    Hope I die 'fore I get really, really, really old. (from "My Generation, The Who")
  • "I Can't Give no Satisfaction" The Rolling Stones at 70.
  • edited August 2011
    Rolling Stones- My hair is greying and I want to paint it black
    Beatles- Let Me Pee
    Rolling Stones- Good bye Ruby Tuesday's, your food won't stay in me now
  • Beach Boys: "God only knows where's my keys without you"
  • Led Zepplin, "Chair Lift to Heaven"
  • (Johny Nash) I can't see clearly now, my eyesight's gone,
    I can't see all obstacles in my way
    Here I see dark clouds that have me blind
    It’s gonna be a dark (dark), dark (dark)
    Sunshiny day
  • Leaky, Leaky Oh, baby! I gotta go...

    Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya

    (Louie, Louie, Richard Barry)
  • "Where Have All the Good Times Gone" Kinks. (didn't change a thing)
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