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Car makes chirping noise when idle

Whenever it rains and I have my car in drive (idling at say an stop sign or intersection), I can hear my car chirp. If I give it gas or shift it to neutral, the chirping sound goes away. When I have the AC on, the car will chirp even in neutral, but will not chirp when I give it gas.
<br/> What could be wrong? Could it be a pulley?


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    Most likely your belts or a belt tensioner (if so equipped). Easy to replace.
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    I replaced the belt and it still does this. I'll check out the belt tensioner later. It seems like it went bad pretty prematurely. I mean I baby my car and it has just under 50k on it.
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    You may not have put it on tight enough. Was the old one giving you problems as well?
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    Well I'm about 99 percent sure its on correctly. The other one wasnt giving me trouble but someone suggested it could be that so I went and ran with it--wasn't ready to spend more money on a tensioner and fund out it ws just the belt
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    Babying the car has nothing to do with the serpintine belt tensioner....they are spring loaded and set to a predetermined spring tenstion. They fatigue over time....Also you will want to pay close attention to any idler pulleys in the belt system.....Alternator bearings have a tendency to momentarily elicit a loud squeak...then go away...and back again...the idler bearings do the same thing too.
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