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Chirping noise

Hi,I have a 1997 Honda civic ex coupe. I recently replaced my car’s altenator belt and power steering belt. I changed them on a Sat. two days later I here a chirping noise coming from the front of my car. I’m not to sure were it is coming from but it only makes the noise when I turn on my A/C and driving. When idle it doesnt make any sound at all. Also I didnt change the A/C belt, I just wondered if that could be the reason or is there any way to determine the cause of the noise?

Normally both belts are replaced at the same time. An old AC drive belt could be slipping a bit and making the noise.

What was the reason for replacing the alternator/PS belt?

The belt came off while driving, the belt broke!! So i looked at both belts and just replaced both to avoid future problems