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problem disarming security alarm system without remote

Is there a way to disarm the vehicle alarm system without the remote so that you can start the vehicle? I have searched the internet and the user manual is no help. The scenario is that I'm hundreds of miles from home, I lose the remote, or remote battery dies, and now I cannot start the vehicle, essentially leaving me stranded. This is a factory installed system with remote only - no smart key, so unlocking with the key does not disable the alarm.


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    With all factory installed alarms I have worked with you can view a menu through a proprietary scanner, perhaps the options you seek will be found this way. With FORD factory installed alarms simply using the door key in the drivers door worked, it was a normal key,nothing smart about it. Try it out,set off the alarm and see if the door key shuts it off.

    I see you are asking how to get by a starter inhibit feature not the siren. Are you sure this is factory installed, not Dealer installed? With GM vehicles and a factory installed starter inhibit (PasssLock II) the identifier part was a module at the end of the ignition switch (normal key). So you are saying you have a factory installed starter inhibit that only arms/disarms off of a remote?
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    I have tried disarming with the key. I am not certain if it was factory or dealer installed. I have not been able to find any kind of reset switch under or around the dash. From what I have been able to find, nothing in the manuals say that you can disarm with just the key, unless the system is in passive mode. It just seems odd that if this is how it was designed, that no thought was given to being in the middle of nowhere, and having a malfunctioning remote and no way to start the car.
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    I've never heard of a factory system that requires the remote.
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    You SHOULD have a valet mode button or switch in the vehicle.

    You turn the ignition on and push the button or switch.

    Does your vehicle have a little red flashing led light on the dash anywhere?
    This would give me an idea of your system.
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    It has a security light and glass breakage sensor. Here is a link to the manual to program it. This contains pic's of exactly what it looks like.
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    It is good you found a document describing how to program the remotes in your Dealer installed alarm system, now all you have to do is find the operators manual for this system
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    This link contains the extent of what I could find. It still does not answer my main question, which is how to start the vehicle when you cannot disarm the alarm system with the remote. They leave out the possiblity of an inoperable remote. I just can't believe that a system would be designed this way. Is there some combination of pulling fuses, disconnecting/reconnecting battery, etc, that will let me start the vehicle? We're not talking about hot-wiring here either. I have the key, I just don't have a working transmitter. This actually happened to me one day, but luckily I was just down the block, not 300 miles away, and I was able to get the second tranmitter.
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    You should be able to disarm the system with the ignition key.

    Open the passenger door the security light will blink quickly.
    Put key in the ignition, the turn the ignition on within 15 seconds, but do not start the car. The security light should go out. The system is disarmed.

    I got this from here:
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    Yes, I did see that as well, thanks for pointing that out. That requires that the system be in passive mode, which it currently is not. I was just hoping there would be another way, like disarming with a key turn in the ignition whether passive or active.
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    If you disconect the battery open the key connect the battery and then start the car that might work
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