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How long can I drive my new vehicle without a license plate?

I live in California, and I bought a NEW vehicle from the dealer. The dealer is responsible submitting the papers to get me my new license plate from DMV. I am just wondering HOW LONG can I drive this new vehicle without the plates since I am still waiting for the license plate on the mail?
<br/> ps. I have the contract and insurance proving that I am the owner and have purchased insurance for the car.


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    What does it say on your temporary tag?
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    The dealer has to have given you a temporary registration for the car.
    You can drive it up to the date that that expires.

    If they didn't give you a temporary registration, then you can drive it up until the point that a Police Officer pulls you over, and asks you for your documents. At this point, you will be given a free ride to jail, and your brand new car will wind up being towed to the nearest Police Impound lot, at your expense.

    If you didn't get temporary registration papers from your dealer, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you contact the dealer IMMEDIATELY to get this issue resolved. And don't drive the car until you do.

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    Also, go to your local town police station or county sheriff's department if you anticipate a delay. We could ask for a temporary extension on our 14 day temp. plates in our state. At one time I know, any officer could write out an extension.
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    You can probably drive it forever..Police don't seem to be interested in that sort of stuff anymore...In the unlikely event you DO get stopped, you will get a minor ticket for no registration..In Colo. the temporary permit is good for 90 days. Many go a lot longer than that and eat the "expired registration" ticket if they ever get one..Any more, the only things the cops seem to be interested in is speeding, more than 20 over, DWI and sorting out wrecks....
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    Maybe, just don't be caught doing anything else,..add ons get pretty expensive. It's pretty cheap insurance getting a waiver.
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    Wouldn't it be more appropriate to direct this question to the folks at the DMV?
    The opinions of the good people who frequent this forum may not be correct.
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    You can't drive it at all on public roads without a license plate.
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    Right up until they take it away from you at a traffic stop some day.

    No , really , as the others have said,

    LOOK at the temp tag they gave you, The date is written right on it.
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    What? And walk a-a-a-a-l-l-l-l the way to the back of the vehicle?
    Isn't it easier to ask people who are not involved in the situation to solve the puzzle for you?
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    Our New Mexico temp tags are issued blank,
    Then the dealer writes, in spaces that take up more that 2/3rds of the tag, in big black marker,
    .... the expiration date !

    You can see that date from five cars back.

    But alas, pepito, we can't see yours from here :(
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