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Shift interlock override 97 s10 Blazer

I have a friend whose battery has died so much that she can't get it out of park to push it back and get a jump. I did a google search for the override of the shift interlock solenoid and came up with squat. Does anyone know if this model has an override and, if so, where it is located.
<br/> Thanks in advance.
<br/> BTW: it is the V6 4wd model with an auto trans.


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    There should be some sort of key hole/small panel around the shifer that releases the the Lock.
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    This is some stuff I found:
    The brake transmission shift interlock (BTSI) system prevents the automatic transmission from being shifted out of PARK unless the brake pedal is depressed. When the brake pedal is depressed, the BTSI solenoid releases a lock paw. This enables the movement of the shift linkage and the operation of the shift lever.

    When service operations are required, overriding the BTSI is possible. In order to override the BTSI, turn the ignition switch to OFF (not LOCK), and remove the TURN-B/U fuse (# XX) to remove the battery voltage to the solenoid.

    Sorry to ask but with a car that has so many electronics as this, there is possibility of damage with jumping it. Is the car in a position that makes impossible to remove the battery and have it recharged at a local shop ? How many volts you have now at the battery ? Is it bellow 6 volts ?
    You may have to use a device, is a cigarette lighter plug with a 9v battery that you plug in before removing the battery to save the ECM saved data, etc...
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    I would not worry about the 9volt battery plug in the car will relearn all its settings again. If you use it, you need to find an accessory plug that is hot all the time, otherwise it is not going to do anything.

    Here is the procedure from the Owners Manual to get the car out of Park with no PWR.

    If your vehicie has a floor mounted shifter and no
    electrical power, the electrical solenoid lock must be
    overridden to shift from PARK (P) to NEUTRAL (N).
    Follow these steps:
    1. Push the base of the shift lever boot forward with
    your thumb.
    2. Lift the boot and find the white solenoid lever.
    3.Move the solenoid lever toward the driver's side to
    unlock it.
    4.While holding the solenoid lever in the unlock
    position, press the shift lever button and shift into
    NEUTRAL (N).
    5.Release the solenoid lever and snap the boot back
    into place.
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    Thank you everyone. I don't know ,uch about how or where it's parked. The vehicle if my girlfriend's and I have been unable to look at it due to the fact that I am currently moving across town and am very busy. Someone offered her a jump, but (according to her) because of where she was parked it was impossible.

    Thank you for the info on how to override it. If she hasn't taken care of it, this information will be invaluable. At the very least good to know.

    Thank you.
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    In case it has a column shifter. This is the procedure from my 2000 Blazer Owner's Manual

    If you ever hold the brake pedal down but still can?t
    shift out of PARK (P), try this:
    1. Turn the key to OFF.
    2. Apply and hold the brake until the end of Step 4.
    3. Shift the transmission to NEUTRAL (N).
    4. Start the vehicle and then shift to the drive gear
    you want.
    5. Have the vehicle fixed as soon as you can.

    Ed B.
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