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Car Talk App for Android and a podcast that works with Android phones

Do you plan to produce an Android app for Car Talk? Or at the very least support podcasts to android based mobile devices?


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    Try this link I stumbled across while looking for npr shows.

    You can see a link for pod, which you paste to the Android browser or use a RSS reader app to hold it. Works well for me.
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    We do! We're planning to work on a Car Talk Android app in the first part of next year. We have some other projects that need to wrap up, first, but it's definitely on the list! Hang in there. -- Doug Mayer, Senior Web Lackey.
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    I have a Droid, and I use Google Listen as a podcatcher. It's the best. All podcasts are updated automatically OTA - no need to sync with a computer. I'm sure the CarTalk app will have lots of great additional features, but Google Listen is great for getting the podcast!
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