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Gas pump shuts off before gas tank is full

When getting gas, the gas pump often shuts off several times well before my gas tank is full. I guesstimate how much gas I need using the gallons pumped but have never been able to completely fill my tank. Also, I have to fill the tank VERY SLOWLY to prevent spills (which sucks when it's cold out!!). I've had a couple mechanics take a look but they couldn't help. Any ideas? Thanks!


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    When I see these kind of posts I ususlly look at manufactures TSB's. I am simply amazed to how many revisions to the gas tank and fuel filler pipe. Perhaps you should take a look.
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    Often it is because the owner of the car did not read the warnings about overfilling the tank. You should stop filling at the first time it clicks off.
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    Google "onboard vapor recovery system" and learn...In the search window of THIS board type "slow fill"
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    Unfortunately, I didn't find a TSB that looked applicable (it's a 2004 Nissan Pathfinder). I bought this car used 3 years ago and it had this problem when I bought it, although I didn't find out until I went to get gas after it was paid for. The gas pump will shut off after pumping one gallon when my tank is almost empty so to stop filling when the pump shuts off isn't really an option. Thanks Caddyman, your advice looks hopeful!
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    None of these solutions are way off the mark. I have a 2005 Ford Explorer that just recently starting acting up. When pumping fuel if I engage the auto lock on the pump it shuts down immediately. I have to pump at a very slow rate and in a few seconds I can hear what sounds like back pressure building up and it shuts off again. This occurs at the very lowest pumping rate. This is not a matter of overfilling as this happens even when the tank is empty.
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    This is not a matter of overfilling as this happens even when the tank is empty.

    Maybe. If it has been overfilled prior to this, it may now be damaged due to overfilling.
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    You might have a "kink" in the filler pipe, and/or a kink in the air venting and vapor recovery systems.

    If the previous owner topped off the tank when filling (which is not a good technique) then the vapor recovery system could be clogged with the charcoal canister full and now clogged and ineffective.

    Since this has been a problem since you bought the truck you can't tell what the previous owner did, but I suspect he overfilled the tank and caused damage to the vapor recovery canister.
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    On your Ford, the most likely cause is the Evap vent filter is plugged which is located above the right rear axle mounted to the frame. It's a black plastic box about four inches long. As a test you can remove that filter and then go try to fill your tank. If you can now fill it, then replace that filter. I Can't help on the Nissan.
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