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2007 Honda Fit - Tire Wear/Alignment Issues

My car has about 56,000 miles, and I've just been told that I should replace all four tires, as they are wearing unevenly. This will be the 3rd time I will have replaced my tires. I've had the same problem each time - uneven wearing. I've had the alignment fixed each time, but it continues to get messed up. Is there something I can do to prevent it?


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    If the same people are using the same equipment to do the alignments, front and rear I assume, then it is possible that their equipment or techniques are defective. Tire rotation as per the owner's manual is important. Hitting curbs too hard when parking is not good. Correct tire inflation pressure with a known accurate gauge is also important.
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    As Wha Who said, regular rotation is extremely important. Driving aggressively can cause your tires to wear poorly and unevenly. If you drive on very rough or gravel roads your alignment can be thrown off faster than normal. Three times in 56k miles is extreme. Describe the nature of the tire wear.
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    Exactly how are they wearing? Inner or outer edges? Both? Wearing on both front and rear?
    Cupping, featheredged, or what?

    Define the part about alignment fixed each time but it continues to get messed up. An '07 with only 56k miles should little if any suspension wear unless the car has been wrecked, been in a flood, sees a lot of rough or dirt roads, etc.
    Are you saying the alignment is off when compared to the alignment from before?
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    Has This Car Ever "Pulled" Or "Drifted" While Driving Or Does It Seem To Track Straight ? Honda Has An Eight Page Bulletin To Diagnose Pulling Or Drifting.

    Has the same shop set the alignment each time ?

    Has the alignment been only a front alignment each time ?

    Talk to us.

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    Without all of the details, my suggestions are checking your tire inflation more often, setting to the correct pressure; stop hitting potholes.
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    There is another possible factor involved in this very rapid tire wear, and that has to do with the actual size of the tire. If this is a Sport model, it came with either 55-series or 45-series high-performance tires--and that never bodes well for long tread life.

    For instance, the OE tires on the 2007 Fit Sport model were Dunlops with a wear rating of somewhere around 300. That type of wear rating will give you...maybe...22,000 miles of wear IF the alignment and inflation pressures are both optimum, and if the tires were rotated on schedule. Throw some underinflation and/or bad alignment and/or lack of rotation into the mix wind up with perhaps only 15k on high-performance tires.

    If this is a Sport model, and if the tires were replaced both times with the same type of high-performance tires with a really low wear rating--and if the car's alignment has been "off" for long periods of time, then it is entirely conceivable that someone could go through 3 sets of tires in 56k.

    Also, the calibration of the alignment equipment of a service facility, as well as the competence of the person using the equipment has a lot to do with the outcome of the alignment. It is entirely possible to pay for wheel alignment and not get what you paid for.

    So--in order to know whether my theory holds any validity, can the OP please tell us:

    Is this a "Sport" model?
    How often do you check your tire pressure?
    What brands/models/sizes of tires have been used on the car?
    What is the wear rating that is listed on the sidewall of the current tires?
    Have the tires been rotated as specified in the Honda maintenance schedule?
    Has the same service facility performed the wheel alignment on each occasion?
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    It on the inner edges usually worse on the rear tires. I get my tires rotated regularly. I also drive up and down windy mountain roads everyday. The roads aren't really rough or gravelly, just very windy. Can than have an effect on the wear?
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    The tires are wearing on the inner edges, both front and rear, but more so on the rear. The first time I had to replace my tires, the wear was due to the alignment. The dealer adjusted the alignment. I went back three months later to because the tires were starting to wear again and they had to adjust the alignment again. Eight months later I had to replace the tires again due to wearing on the inside, but the alignment seemed to be okay. Now it's been 10 months and my tires are again wearing on the inside and the alignment appears to be off.
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    No the first time I needed the alignment adjusted, the dealer did it. I had to go back three months later to have it adjusted again. Since then my mechanic has been the one to set the alignment and I wasn't having any issues until now. To my knowledge, it's been both front and rear.
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    No, this is not a Sport model - it's the basic Fit.
    I admit I don't check my tire pressure regularly. Based on everyone's comments, it seems I should definitely add that to my To Do list!!
    I don't know what the original tires or the second set of tires were, but the last set were Sumitomo Touring LS-T 175/65R14.
    According to what I've found online, the Sumitomo Touring LS-T tires have a wear rating of 640.
    Yes, the tires have been rotated as specified by the Honda maintenance schedule.
    No, the first time it was the dealer and since then it's been my mechanic.
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