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2001 For Focus Vibration

I have a 2001 Ford Focus with 106K miles on it. The engine is running fine but the whole car vibrates while it is running. I had been advised before that it could be the engine mounts so I got them checked when I did a recent tune-up and they told me the mounts were fine.
<br/> This vibration is very heavy and feel like something is going to shake itself loose is I drive it too much. It does seem to be at its worse when starting and when I accelerate.


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    the whole car vibrates while it is running.

    Do you mean it vibrates when the engine is running, but the car is parked?

    You say you had the engine mounts checked, but in the tags, you indicate transmission mount?
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    CSA's Believe It Or Not!

    Were all the mounts checked for debris in addition to condition, in particular the rear engine roll restrictor (mount) ? It could be worth a second look.

    Automan, Ford says that some 2000-2007 Focus models have "excessive engine vibration" at idle. They have issued Technical Service Bulletins and revisions regarding this.

    They say it is caused by small stones, road debris, or snow and ice becoming packed in the rear engine roll restrictor. The fix is to clean it out and the way to keep it from coming back is to install a "service shield" (Ford part # 2M5Z-16102-AA).

    A cross member-to-roll restrictor bolt must be removed, the shield put in place and the bolt replaced to hold the shield.

    It doesn't sound like rocket science. Check with your friendly Ford parts guys/gals.

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    A family member had that exact problem referred to in the TSB this past winter - drove over a deep snow pile and all of a sudden had that vibration, particularly when shifting into reverse but still at idle.

    I told her to just let the snow melt out and see if the problem went away. It did.

    Obviously in this case, it wouldn't likely be snow, but it could still be debris.
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    The TSB Does Talk About Snow/Ice Or Debris/Stones And They Call It "Excessive Engine Vibration". Definitely Worth A Look Or Second Look.
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