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Checking automatic transmission fluid

edited November -1 in Repair and Maintenance
Where is the dip stick to check the automatic transmission fluid on a 2010 Toyota Camry with a 4 cyclinder engine?


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    Most (or all) recent Toyota cars have done away with the transmission fluid dipstick. They call it a "sealed for life" transmission. It's all in your (500+ page) owners manual.

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    Most (or all) recent Toyota cars have done away with the transmission fluid dipstick.

    Which was a poor idea IMO. In any case I, and many others recommend a fluid and filter change every 30 - 50,000 miles.
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    I'll second the poor idea. Automatic transmissions were neglected enough as it was.
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    My son drove a school bus and he was required to do an inspection every day. In addition to all the lights, he was expected to check the fluid levels, including the fluid level in the automatic transmission. I thought that checking the transmission fluid daily was a tad much--weekly or even monthly should have been sufficient. I think my son would have liked a sealed transmission so that he wouldn't have had to check the transmission fluid level.
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    Joe, thanks for the info. Nowhere in the owner's manual does it say the trans is sealed, but it does say to check the fluid every 30,000 miles. I wonder how they suggest that be done?
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    My 05 4runner and my wifes 07 Lexus have sealed-for-life transmissions. I'd be surprised if yours isn't.
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    "I wonder how they suggest that be done?"
    With the car on a lift and the fill plug removed, usually.
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    One good thing from this sealed for life bit is that it is so easy (even for the pro) to misinterpet the reading on the stick, espicaly when the fluid is really clean or the stick gets coated on both sides from fluid on the fill pipe. Then what a pain when you overfill the transmission,so easy too do.
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    My 2003 Toyota 4Runner and my 2011 Toyota Sienna transmissions are sealed for life. I had never realized this. I check the oil and other fluids, but an good independent shop services the 4Runner. I've had the transmission fluid changed every 30,000 miles in the 4Runner. I assume my shop does check the level when they do the servicing.
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