2015 Toyota Camry transmission fluid interval

at what mileage should I change thr transmission oil in my 2015 Toyota camry

per your owner’s manual:

heavy duty (towing, using a car-top carrier, or heavy vehicle loading)- 60,000
regular duty- it doesn’t mention ever changing, just checking the level. Personally I would do it every 30,000 miles or 60,000 miles

Per Toyota - the 30,000 mile check is for leaks only, there is no dipstick.

A lot of them are sealed and they dont reccomend changing them anymore . It certainly would not need anything before 100000 miles . Anything before that you are just wasting your money . Go by the manual .

Transmission fluid should be changed every 30k miles. The factory manuals are not always correct when it comes to the health and well being of you car. This also applies to engine oil change, valve lash inspections, etc.

So you ask then why does the factory manual provide for lengthy changes? That’s not hard to figure. They do it as a PR gesture to promote the notion that you car needs very little maintenance. They all do it.


There is no such thing as a sealed automatic transmission

I’m going to be blunt . . . to me, it sounds as if you’re spewing Toyota propaganda


My 2015 Camry 2.5 with 28000 miles on it (purchased with 22000) has transmission slippage between 2nd and 3rd gear with loss of acceleration and RPM spike. This should be fun being out of warranty.

It ain’t gonna be cheap! (But you knew that)

Have the fluid changed first and see if it mitigates the problem. Then start saving for a new transmission.

Make sure only Toyota fluid is used, just to be sure.

Tech tip for Honda’s is, remove fill port before drain plug. Would hate to drain fluid and not be able to fill it. Does Toyo have fill port? I bet it does.

What’s wrong with Idemitsu WS fluid . . . ?!

It really isn’t cheaper than from the dealer . . . but sometimes a Toyota dealer isn’t close, and many auto parts stores do carry Idemitsu. From what I can tell, it’s a quality product.

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You might want to check to see if this car came with an extended transmission warranty, my 2012 Camry did.

I wanted the OP to know if problems continued it wasn’t the fluid. If Idemitsu is equivalent, that’s good. But I worry their shop might try to use some generic “compatible” fluid.

Idemitsu isn’t jack of all trades atf that is compatible with everything under the sun

Unusual at only 28K miles. Verifying the transmission fluid level is correct is where I’d start.

The original drivetrain warranty was 60 mos./60k. Any possibility you’re still covered?

At time of purchase at dealer it was mentioned “as is” on paperwork being that I wasn’t paying for a third party extended warranty, but I will inquire just the same. Thanks

The ‘as - is’ statement does not apply to the factory warranty. That transfers in most cases, and would transfer here. How many miles on the car?

@Cowmetran says 28k. The limiting factor would be the age of the car. A 2015 is right on the edge of running out of warranty. Maybe he’s lucky.