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Brakes squealing right after being replaced

I took my wife's car (2002 Hyundai Santa Fe) in to a national mechanic chain (Pep Boys) to get them checked. They called and told her she only had around 1000 miles left on her brakes, so she told them to replace them. We picked the car up later that day and $400+ later, the brakes are still squealing, although they do feel significantly tighter. I'm curious if squealing is common with new brakes (before they get 'broken in') and the problem will correct itself over time or if the brakes were potentially left as is and we were charged for nothing.


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    How many miles on the car, I bet quite a few, considering the year. Yes it is not uncommon to have brakes squeel when new pads are put on, but if they squeel even when not braking it could be the pad retainers are improperly installed, and you should have them looked at to make sure, if only for your peace of mind. But take them to an independent place not a chain store. And count your blessings they didnt pump air into the master cylinder.
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    All I can say is that expecting to get a quality brake job from a "national mechanic chain" is like expecting to get a quality cheeseburger from McDonald's.

    Your brakes are probably fine in terms of actual function - describe exactly what was replaced. Pads only?
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    >I'm curious if squealing is common with new brakes (before they get 'broken in')

    How many factory new cars do you see with squealing brakes? The idea that they have to broken in to stop squealing is absurd. It is a crutch of an excuse used by shops that skimp in some way on the job- period.
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    Actually, if new pads go on old rotors without resurfacing, brake noise is one possibility - which is why it would be good to know exactly what was replaced.
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    There are a number of things that could cause a brake squeal. Failure to surface or replace the rotors, failure to clean the rotors after machining or the cleaning of new ones, failure to clean and lube caliper slides, omission of anti-rattle clips, etc.

    It's also unknown if both front and rear were serviced with linings only, if the squealing existed previously, and the possibility that one end was repaired and the noise is from the other.
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    Yes, just the pads were replaced.
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    >Actually, if new pads go on old rotors without resurfacing

    My point exactly.
    In my experience, it is more likely due to ignorance in throwing out/omitting the OEM shims or re-using old ones that are no longer viable. Using new shims is best and a lot of higher end pad kits come with them.
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