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2006 Prius Big Red Triangle ???

I noticed to day that the BIG RED TRIANGLE was coming on for a second or so when I would take a sharp turn.
<br/> What could be the cause of that? I don't have the car manuel anymore...Kids lost it or threw it out I guess.


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    I Guess That Is The "Replace Owner's Manual Immediately" Warning Light.

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    Virgil, I Believe That If You Go To "Toyota Owners Online" And Register, You Can Access A Manual.

    Click this link to go right to the registration and Interactive Owner's Manual.

    Please let us know if it works for you. Thanks,
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    I found this reply on the web. You might to get the codes read.

    The triangle warning light is a master warning light. There is a malfunction in the hybrid and engine control units. The most common problem is because the engine did not start when commanded to. This willl set a P3191 and a P3101 codes. Try turning the key off and restarting. If the engine fails to start the hybrid battery will run down to the point you won't get it started.
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    Welcome back, CSA. I wondered where you got to. It's been lonely supporting GM by myself. ;)
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    Virgil, For 16 Bucks, Plus S & H, Helm Inc. Will Send You A New 06 Prius Information Guide Book.

    Here's a link to Helm Inc. : inc&form=HPDTLB

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