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2004 Saturn ION II - Car Idles High in Park & Neutral

I'm having headaches with my Saturn. For the past two and a half years I've taken the car to a dealer here in Atlanta and every time I take it in I pose this question to the dealer, "When I'm driving occasionally (very random) when the car is in driveit will start to idle high (about 2100 RPM) but every time I put the car Neutral or Park then it shoots up to 2100 RPM. Why is it doing this?"

The first time I asked them this they turned around and charged me $90 to clean a carb build up on the injector. They said it was a typical remedy but after I left it did it again on the drive home. They wouldn't research it more without charging me $90/hr for a minimum of 2 hours for testing the system.

After reading the blogs on yahoo, google and other sites everything pointed to the "Throttle Body Position Sensor". It looks easy to replace but I want a second opinion on this assessment (without a $180 fee)


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