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99 Accord shuts off while driving

Why does my accord shut off while driving? Dash gauges shut off, radio stays on. Honda said my car is not covered by an ignition switch recall. The problem can happen at 65mph, or while idling at a traffic light. Its intermittent, seen as little as 85 miles apart, and as much as 450 miles apart. Been a problem now for 8 months. I can restart it right away, I just put it in neutral and start it up while gliding to continue.


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    When this started happening to my 98 olds it turned out to be a bad ground from the battery to the fender. Clean and tighten connections at both ends of your battery cables and if the cables feel brittle rather than bend smoothly, replace them.
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    I ended up trying the ignition switch replacement - and was successful. No problems now for 6-700 miles. I will submit the bill to Honda based on their recall.
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    Thanks for the follow up.

    Once upon a time the ig switch went bad on my '81 Accord, but it was 17 years old.
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