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Nissan murano 100,000 mile service

My dealer just quoted me $776 for 100,000 mile service. This seems a lot. Where can I find a list of the checks/services included in the 100,000 check up so that I can get a quote from a local garage?


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    Maybe go to the Nissan website and look under Owners or My Nissan whatever and see if schedule posted. The major service maybe at 105,000 miles or 90k mile. You need to look at all of them and then determine it.
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    I don't understand your question. Are you saying the dealer won't give you a list of exactly what they'll do for that price? If so, I certainly wouldn't use them.

    However, it sounds to me like you're doing this backward, as too many people do. Open your owner's manual, make a list of what needs to be done, and get quotes on that from your dealer and some independent mechanics. Otherwise you may end up with unnecessary work being done.
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    If you can't find/don't have your manual, this site has recommended maintenance items and a cost estimate. I'll bet your dealer wants to do a lot of unneeded stuff, but you need to figure out what is needed, including all the items that have been skipped over the years.
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    You've all been very helpful. Thank you.
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    There is NO 100K mile service on Muranos. Plugs are scheduled to be replaced at 105K, however, and this is a rather expensive job (like $400-$500).
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    $500 for a set of spark plugs, $800 to replace the timing belt...$700 to replace the fuel pump..They don't mention these things when you are signing the sales contract....
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    You should keep in mind that on many things the factory owners manual sugar coats things by making it appear that you don't have to do things as often as they should be done. This is done purely to make people think their car is close to maintenance free; at least during the warranty period.

    Transmission fluid for one example. If it's an automatic it should have been changed about 70k miles back.
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    Majority of car owners do not keep a car past 100k miles. So it really is a mute point.

    Thanksfully Nissan is a timing chain company, not belts.
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