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2004 Nissan Murano: 100K+ maintenance -- what needs to be done?


I had my 2004 Nissan Murano SL AWD serviced at 90,000 but haven’t had it serviced since. Should I be concerned about belts? What should I request to have serviced on my car (don’t want to go to the dealership and am not sure what to ask of the mechanic)?

This is a good time to go to your owner’s manual, compare what was done at 90K miles to what the manual maintenance schedule says, and decide from there. If the mechanic looked at your drive belts at 90K, they are probably OK.

One possible word of caution is that no all manufacturers recommend auto trans servicing anymore “lifetime” fluids. I service my ATs with a pan drop and filter change every 30K miles or so and recommend that others do the same.

Oil changes, tire rotations and possibly an alignment come to mind as items to check on today. Don’t know what your oil change schedule is, but I truly hope you don’t mean your car was not serviced for the whole 10K miles. I hope you are keeping up oil changes, for sure, since regular oil changes prevent expensive engine issues.

Yes - I’ve kept up with my tires and oil changes. I’m mainly concerned about the transmission/belt stuff since my mileage is creeping pretty high. Thanks for your feedback!