Spark plugs 2003 Nissan murano

My service rep suggested that I get new spark plugs for my 2003 Murano, The car has 116,000 miles and is running fine. Is this service necessary? It is over $500 to have done.

Check the recommended service schedule that came with your owners’ manual. I’ll bet lunch the plugs are overdue. Even if not, at that mileage I’d change them anyway.

$500 sounds high. What else is included in the quote? Is it all due according to the maintenance schedule?

I had mine replaced & our Service Tech from Nissan said $500 too. They recommend that they be replaced every 110K. We went to our local guy(who knows what they are doing)& he pulled the book & only said it would take a hour & 1/4 to replace the plugs. The plugs are expensive, Double Platinum Spark plugs. But all said & done he charged me about $140.00