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plastic baffles in intake manifold - Toyota Camry

I have a 2003 Toyota Camry 2.4 L. There is a rattling noise in the engine, which my mechanic determined to be plastic baffles that have broken off and are now rattling around inside the intake manifold. Is this harmful and must be fixed, or is it just annoying noise that can be tolerated? I was quoted 620.00 parts and labor.


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    Can you picture a piece of this plastic making its way further into the engine? If the mechanic is correct (find a picture of the insides of the intake and see if there really are baffels that can break off) the broken off pieces should at least be removed,maybe they can be "fished" out through another opening.

    mshugna's link does provide insight to the problem,did you read the posts? those guys are all over eachother because someone got their feelings hurt,so common with internet forums.
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    Thank you, very helpful.
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    Thank you for your help. Now I'm wishing I did not throw out the previous owner's warranty information a few weeks ago, thinking that the only warranty ran out at 36,000 miles. I am going to speak to the dealer about it possibly being covered under the power train (still have 500 miles to go on that one, if one of those posts is correct). At least get some kind of discounted repair, since the problem seems so prevalent.
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