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Gear Shift on Steering Column

Are there any new cars made today with the gear shift on the steering column?
<br/> My sister-in-law, recently widowed, is shopping for a new car and really wants one with the gear shift on the column, not the floor or between the front seats.
<br/> Are they still available? I have looked at websites for car manufacturers and don't see any on the photos of the interiors of the cars.
<br/> Thanks for anyone who can help.


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    She needs to look at the models that are designed to appeal to older drivers. These vehicles feature the old-style bench front seat and a column shift.

    Among the models to look at are:
    Buick Lucerne
    Mercury Grand Marquis
    Ford Crown Victoria
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    My Dad bought his first car in 1938. It was a new 1938 Chevrolet that had a floor shift and bucket seats. The next year this car was hit by a drunk driver and he replaced it with a 1939 Chevrolet. He thought that the 1939 was a real improvement because it had a bench seat and the shift on the column. Three people could ride in the front seat. It seems as though we have gone back the other way to the floor shift and individual seats in the last 30 years.

    The last Ford Taurus that I drove did have a shifter on the column.
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    pickup trucks and some of the larger SUV's are all I can think of.
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    I know that some cars have the shift lever coming from the dash, I think it is Honda for one. Surely large cars with automatic have the shifter on the column.
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    I recently drove a Mercury Sable (same thing as a Taurus too) - auto on the column. I think a lot of those mid-sized sedans (short of the boats) - still put it on the column
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    Well, don't the "boats" as you call them, still have the shifters on the column?? I havent driven one lately.
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    I know the automatic CR-v's at least used to come with a column shifter, though no bench seat. The Toyota Avalon used to be available with a column shift and bench seats, but for a couple years it was a very rare option and I think they may have done away with it entirely now.
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    Yes - I was just giving another set of possible options. What was wrong with that, exactly?
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    Nothing wrong, I just wanted to include the "boats".
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    Thank you everyone for the help and suggestions. I passed them on to my sister-in-law and she was very grateful to you all. At least she knows where to focus on looking for her car.
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