Gear shift location

I need to get my mother a new car (she is still an excellent driver.) Only problem - she has arthritis in her thumb and can’t push in the button to shift a gear shift on the floor. Are any cars (specifically mid-size 4-door sedans) left with gear shifts on the steering column? Thanks!

I think some Chevy Impalas have a column shift. I guess look for any vehicle with a front bench seat, Crown Vic et cetera.

Get a Prius, shift is on the dash right in front of driver. Takes no power to shift. Excellent safety features, including vertical stability control, abs and traction control. Side and front airbags, more room than you would think. Backup camera.

The previous generations of the Avalon and the Taurus/Sable all were available with a column shift. The Buick Century hasn’t been made for a couple of years, but all were equipped with a column shifter.

Some Cadillacs and Buick sedans have a “floor” shifter that does not need a button pressed to shift, you just move the shifter into the gear you want. I’d definitely check out the Buick Lucerne for her.

Whenever you are looking for a car well-suited to a senior citizen, think BUICK, as that has been their target audience for many years. While it appears that GM is trying to attract younger buyers with the newest Buick SUV, Buick sedans are still clearly designed to appeal to the older driver.

The floor shifters that have the little pattern you have to shift through would be ideal-- no button to push and the action on them is usually effortless. I think newer Subarus have them as well as the various luxury brands.

Taurus has a column shift. Some makes have a console shift that uses detents and no buttons.

Agreed. My mother-in-law has bad arthritis and needed a shifter without any button/detent. The taurus has worked well for her.