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2000 Honda Accord EGR valve nightmare

Had check engine light come on. Mechanic said needed EGR valve replaced. I gave them $353.33 and they replaced valve. Check engine light came back on, so they tried cleaning out carbon which they said had clogged new valve. After a couple more tries, they replaced valve again. But after replacing the valve again, the check engine light came back on the same day. Would appreciate some advice.


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    what codes?

    go from there.
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    Carbon can't accumulate in an EGR valve in a short time, unless there is something horribly wrong with the engine, which you would know, because the car would be nearly impossible to drive.

    You need a new mechanic.
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    I agree with mcparadise. When you replace the EGR, which may not have been necessary, you MUST clean out all the carbon from the passages. Carbon may have been clogging the passages, leading to the code to begin with, and the old EGR may have been good.
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    is your car subject to emissions testing? If not, don't worry about it..
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    I'm having a hard time believing there is any carbon build-up at all. This is a 2000 Accord. Why would there be a carbon build-up?
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    Carbon buildup can occur at even a short interval and it sounds to me like the shop is guessing.
    Getting an EGR system code does not necessariy mean the EGR valve itself is bad. Once a code is obtained this is when the manual and the diagnostic procedure is used to determine exactly where the problem lies in the EGR system.
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    as i said.


    a CODE can mean its doing what it was designed to do ,read improper flow.

    smell what Im standing in?

    I think I asked the proper ? on the first response.yours just reads much more HALLMARK like.
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    I don't the code at this time. I can get it tomorrow.
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    Not subject to emissions testing, but have been told bad EGR valve can cause poor engine performance and lower gas mileage. Also, don't want to keep driving with check engine light always on, may not know when another problem may show up. Thanks
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    I don't have the codes with me. Will post them tomorrow. Thanks
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