Zf-5 v. Zf-6 mounting differences 7.3psd

Folks, for the 1997 m/y 7.3PSD, it would have originally came with the zf-s5-47 manual. In ‘99 it changed to the zf-s6-650 manual.

I know the differences and that it can be done. What I need to know are the input and output shaft diameters of both.

I have a ‘97 parts truck for my ‘93. The ‘97 has the E4OD which I don’t want. So I need a manual trans with t-case to swap out. I can’t find a zf-5 but I can find Zf-6’s.

Need to know if its a straight bolt up with mounting and bracing modifications or?

Best people to give you that info is the dealership parts guys… call the dealer and ask to speak to the parts counter and tell them what you are up to. They should be able to answer a question like this. None of us here would have that specific info but the parts guys should.

I sometimes ask them questions of this nature and they (with some help and encouragement) can get to the bottom of it with you on the phone.

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I hadn’t thought about that, I kinda forget they exist.

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I know, seems obvious, but I also forget to do this sometimes…

Good suggestion. I’ve done this exact thing quite a few times over the years. One thing I found out is I have better chance if I go there to ask. You’re asking for a favor to give you this information and it’s not as simple to look up as you might think. These guys can be very busy. It’s easy to blow someone off on the phone, harder to their face. I also pick an off time to minimize the disruption. And I ask like they are doing me a solid favor as well.

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I second what @TwinTurbo just said… All of this is true, be kind and realize they are helping you with something that is none of their business to do so about. I forgot to mention all of this so follow TT’s lead.