Your worst all-time gift?

This week on Car Talk, we heard Tom and Ray share a few tales of their worst all-time gifts, ever. (Missed it? You can catch it right here.)

Now, it's your turn! What's the worst gift you've ever received, and why? Was it just this past week, perchance? We want to hear all about it -- so, vent away, and share your memories of dispirited, forlorn gift unwrapping.

My mother in law and I have very different taste in clothing. Last year I got an article of clothing from her for Christmas. It was either a very short dress or a very long t-shirt and it was purple, shiny, and fuzzy. My husband, who is Czech, is a very smart man so it was not until hours later that he translated his mother’s explanation - that it would also work as a maternity dress. There is no word for subtlety in Czech.

Five Empty Beer Cans.

We did “Secret Santa” at a place where I was employed. I received 50-cent gifts, for the week leading up to the big event, where a five-dollar gift was the big one.

The beer cans were just one example of the creativity of some 50-cent gifts given by fellow jokesters. The beer cans each had a $.10 return for recycling deposit on them.


This isn’t so much the worst gift I’ve received, but the worst I’ve given! I bought a counter-top broiler, which was very useful, and thought my brother & sister-in-law would like one as well. Problem was, my own modern unit was better constructed than the 1940s-era example I gifted. The latter had a design flaw that allowed the upper heating coil to contact the dome, ungrounded to the plate, and creating an open circuit. Marinating resulted in electric shock, so that broiler came right back to me & in the bin 5min later!