You learn something new every day!

This isn’t a question, but rather, some interesting information that I gleaned from the Owner’s Manual of my friend’s '08 RAV-4.

The manual states that, approximately 5 hours after the engine has been shut down, the “evaporative emissions leak-detection pump” will activate, in order to detect possible leaks in the evaporative emissions system. It states that a motor noise will be heard, emanating from the underside of the vehicle, in the vicinity of the driver’s seat.

I could be wrong, but I believe that I recall a question or two over the past year or so, regarding a mysterious noise coming from underneath a car, hours after it was shut off. This info from the Toyota manual just might be the answer to those questions, and this info could help new owners of Toyotas (and possibly other makes) to avoid panic if they hear this type of noise.

And, of course, this just points out once again the value of actually reading the Owner’s Manual!

Thank you VDC.

This will be one to remember. Who would have suspected?

Yes, these newer computerized vehicles really do have a mind of their own.

I agree with VDC. Also, the Owner’s Manual may be absolutely the only place some bits of information may be available. It may not appear in the repair manuals, or the service manual. This tidbit about the evap. pump could be such an instance.