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You knew this, right? Never ride without a seatbelt and your feet on the dashboard. Ask Audra Tatum how she knows!

How many times have you seen drivers or passengers taking risks like this in vehicles?

It always troubles me when I see people with arms dangling from car/truck windows. Could they get them inside quickly enough when push comes to shove?

What do you say? What else have you seen?

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We can’t do anything quickly enough if we aren’t prepared beforehand. That’s why I wear my seat belt all the time in the car.

I saw about 12 people riding on an MGB once. So did a cop. He made us all get off the car, too. Good thing we hadn’t gone more than a few feet. Good thing the driver was sober, too.

Your friends were a lot smaller than mine.

Live hard die young and make a good looking corpse, I failed at that, but wonder about being a passenger with the seat reclined and seat belt on, never seemed like it would work like it supposed to.

No, we were probably not smaller. We were college kids at The Shore for a good time. Note that having a good time does not require good judgement, something that men in their early 20s have very little of.