You cant do it unless the number is two

What episode is it when Ray first said “you can’t do it unless the number is two”?

The only even prime number…

It’s an old one, it would take some searching. I’d guess nearly a decade ago, or maybe more?

The line you refer to comes from “The Mango Puzzler”. According to Ray, there was only one answer, the number two. I forget the situation, but it was definitely a puzzler answer, and Ray was being emphatic that there was only a single correct answer.

A few weeks later, when a flood of other correct answers rolled in, Tommy officiated at the overturning of Ray’s answer, which included the now famous, and digitally enhanced, recording which you referred to.

If you do locate that on the website, you might post it back here for others to access. Then again, I’m sure that sometime in the next decade, that puzzler will be repeated.

What was the puzzler?

see my previous post…something about harvesting mangoes, I totally forget the story now. You’ll have to search for it, or maybe somebody knows how to find it in their downloaded archives.

#1608: Saddle Up!


Also the first prime number. One is considered a unique number by mathematicians. It has a rational square root. Two and all the rest of the prime numbers have irrational square roots.