Sentence in number puzzler

Hello, Please explain the last sentence in the second paragraph: “Of course, they would also be asked to spell out
the number from the assortment of letters, ie…S-I-X-T-Y would be sixty.” I’ve tried; but do not understand the meaning of this sentence. Thanks, Maggie

As I read it, the worksheet had two sections. In one case, the student was given the number “60” and was expected to write out “S-I-X-T-Y”. In the second case, the student was given the word “Sixty” and expected to write out the number “60”.

The Answer is that all the numbers are divisible by the number of letters it takes to spell them. Says my wife Susan.

Hey, don’t give the answer in the forum, OK? Geesus.

Holy crap…WAY WAY sorry…we’re new …didnt realize…It’ll never happen again we promise…we love the show…didn’t mean to ruin it for anyone…Sorry.

Oh my god. Were just beginning to realize the severity of this. Holy crap… Cant you broadcast a replacement puzzler on account of the idiot who blurted out the answer to the whole world? aaaaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhh.

Not to worry. Probably no one here is going to use that info for a chance at a gift certificate from the shameless commerce website. Relax and welcome.

I just listened to the puzzler and figured it out (rather quickly) before coming on here. I was afraid someone would ruin it by giving the answer, and I wanted to work it myself first! It was pretty simple, but still…

However, each of those numbers given is divisible by any number of letters, so that answer isn’t correct. You can divide 12 by 5: you get 2.4, or 2 with a remainder of 2. But it happens that in this case, they are perfectly divisible (leave no remainder). So the number of letters in each spelling is a factor of the actual number. :slight_smile:

That guy’s wife better not win if all she says is that the number is divisible by the number of letters to spell it!

Don’t worry about the answer being give out, it a recycled puzzler from years ago.

... it a recycled puzzler from years ago.
It seems like they all are anymore.

So sad and so true

At any rate, Ray messed it up when he read it, and it’s also messed up in the text version on the website. The last number in the list should be “one hundred”, not “a hundred”.