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Yep, the starter/flywheel question again

I have an S-10 pickup and a couple weeks ago started hearing the dreaded metal on metal grind. Thinking it was the starter I took it to a mechanic who checked everything and said it was the flywheel ($900 to repair). He then asked when I had my clutch done last and I told him it was 2 1/2 years ago. He said to take it back to the people who did the work because the flywheel should have been resurfaced and they should take care of this for me rather than me have to pay him for it.

I looked up my receipt and it does show that they had the flywheel resurfaced when they replaced my clutch. My question is- if they did resurface the flywheel should it still be OK 2 1/2 years later with normal use (appx 15,000 mi per year)). Is this something they should repair for free or do I just bite the bullet and have it done again?

2 1/2 Years And 35,000 + Miles Is At Least Two Years And 30,000 Miles Beyond Anything They Should Be Responsible For Doing Or Not Doing.

This problem is probably the result of a starter failure.

I say bite !


After removing the clutch, the flywheel can be removed and the starter ring

replaced in less than half an hour.

Thanks CSA, I appreciate the advise.

Do you just hear this sound while starting? If so, resurfacing the flywheel has nothing to do with the current problem. I think I’d get a second opinion.

After 2 and a half years and approximately 35k miles you don’t have a leg to stand on regarding this argument over a problem that surfaced several weeks ago. Surfacing a flywheel should not have an affect on the starter gear.

I’m in agreement about getting another opinion. This may be nothing more than a faulty starter drive and GM has a bit of a history regarding starter gear/flywheel teeth mesh that goes back decades.
Many parts stores sell packages of varying thickness starter shims to use on gear mesh problems although I’m not sure if they offer this for the S-10 or not.
Shims would be irrelevant anyway on a faulty starter motor.

I am going to agree with some others. You are well past the workshop warrantee period for the clutch work. Not likely to be their fault anyway. Flywheel surfacing should have nothing to do with the starter engagement unless the ring gear was damaged. However, since the clutch work was 2 1/2 years ago, that’s unlikely. I vote for the starter. I have a '96 V-6 S-10 with 360,000 miles on the original flywheel AND clutch, but not the original starter. (I have a new spare flywheel and clutch in the back seat waiting for the inevitable.) They don’t last forever. Jack the truck up, pull it out (1 nut, 2 bolts) and look at the pinion gear. Once the starter is out, you can use a small flashlight to inspect at least a section of the ring gear. It’s not rocket science.

I’ll agree with the other posters and add more more thing. If the mechanic thinks that a flywheel resurfacing from 2 1/2 years and 35K ago cause the problem…then I would find a new mechanic.