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Yellow Daytime Running Lights

I have a 2001 Z71 Silverado, want to install yellow inplace off clear running lights…anyone ever did this?

What part number for Yellow Lights?

Yellow lights are GREAT for FOG. That’s what I like to use them for. Not so sure about daytime use.

Look for fog lights in the parts store.

If you’re actually looking to replace existing lamp bulbs, the parts catalog for the automotive replacement bulbs should list options.

In the days of the old turret style incandescent lamps a physical matchup could be made. With the quartz halogen plug-in lamps today it isn’t quite so easy. But not impossible with some effort…assuming a physical replacement exists!

HOWEVER…GM commonly uses their highbeam lamps for their daytime running ligts…hence that glare you see when a GM vehicle is oncoming. If yours is set up like this, you’ll need to refer to my first sentence…look for add-on fog lamps.