Yearly Maintenance


I am in no way a car expert and my question is regards to yearly maintenance. What do you recommend that I get done yearly? Besides getting oil changes, I have no clue what needs to be checked every year. Please help so I don?t ruin my car!


Use what the owner’s manual says. It’s written by technical writers who consult with the engineers who developed your car. They have an interest in your satisfaction with your car so you will buy that particular brand again.

To be blunt, are you going to believe people who post here or are you going to believe people who design cars?


I agree with Anonymous on all points. Your Owner’s Manual contains the recommended maintenace schedule passed on to you by the car’s designers via the tech writers. They are the true experts on your particular car.


If you lost your owner’s manual you can replace it at the dealership or find one on eBay.


As others have said, the owner’s manual is a WEALTH of information. Read it and any other documentation that came with the car. There may be a separate maintenance schedule. Read and follow it.

Dealers and mechanics tend to over-recommend maintenance. The manual that came with the car was written by the factory engineers, who know your vehicle, and what it needs, better than anyone.

Another good source for automotive literature, if you need it, is