Mechanic's suggestion or maintenance schedule?

How closely should you stick to the manual’s maintenance schedule vs. a recommendation from a mechanic? I just had my oil changed at a chain shop (where I’ve been going for years) and they suggested given the mileage, I should consider their fluid replacement package, which includes coolant, transmission, power steering & fuel system treatment.

The maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual does state the coolant so that’s legit, but not any of the others.

So the question is, is it a safe enough practice to just follow the owner’s manual, or is it good practice to go beyond that? I’m not having any problems with the car (at least that I’ve noticed) so not sure any of the extras are needed.

Follow the owners manual, beware of chain shops.

I would be skeptical of some of those “oil change specialist” chains. If you think about it, it is impossible to make money by changing oil. Overhead is too high to make any profit. So, they need to push expensive stuff like transmission fluid change, all types of flushes and whatever they can find.

Owner’s manual is a very good guide of when to change what. How old and how many miles do you have on your car anyway?

Let’s examine these, one by one:
coolant: yes, probably every 30K miles or so
transmission: it appears fashionable for the manufacturer to not say anything about ATF changes, or imply that there is a lifetime fluid. None of the folks here believe that. I change mine every 30K miles, regardless of the owner’s manual. You may want to do the same. A pan drop, filter change (if applicable), and ATF refill keeps your AT going well.

power steering: probably not in owner’s manual, and I have never changed this fluid, even in my 15 year old vehicle. No problems with power steering, either.

Fuel system treatment: DIY for about $5-7 for a good injector treatment like Techron at your local store. Unless there are known dirty injector issues, recommend DIY treatment or none at all. Once a year or once every few years is not a bad idea, but most of us can do without altogether. Your call.

Modern cars and fluids are far different than they were when I was a kid. Modern cars call for longer change intervals and frankly they are correct. Follow the recommendations in your owner’s manual.

Don’t forget to read the part about miles or time whichever comes first. Also read the part about severe conditions.

There is one exception to the above. Many manufacturers seem to have gone astray when it comes to automatic transmissions. I don’t know why. I suggest changing the automatic transmission fluid every 24 - 40 thousand miles. Have the pan dropped and the filter cleaned. Don’t do a fluid flush.

Note Never ever go to a quick oil change place, even if it only to get directions!

How old and how many miles do you have on your car anyway?

It’s a 1999 with 108K. I have replace the coolant in the past per the maint. schedule and admittedly am behind on that, so need to get that taken care of. And thanks to all for the feedback … will also look at the ATF.