Yaris Hatchback now is slower climbing than

Yaris automatic (year 17) now is not powerfull. Also you can down the accelerator pedal a half of inch and It doesnt response. It received a brake cleaning. Scanner doesnt show any error, the fix man said me this car doesnt hace power(1500cc) but in the past It was more powerfull, same route you run speeder than now . What can be happening?

  • brakes could be partially on (do wheels get hot?)
  • transmission/clutch could be slipping
  • intake air filter plugged
  • exhaust system plugged.
  • engine compression is too low
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There is a sensor on your gas pedal that can be bad.

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Have a compression test done. If the pressure is too low, the leaks in your cylinders is why the power is down. This would not be surprising for a 17 year old car. As the shop that did the test what they think and get all four cylinder values and post them here. The professional mechanics here can give you a valuable opinion.

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Due to the OP’s wording, it’s impossible to tell whether the car is 17 years old (and therefore the OP is not in the US as there was no 2005 Yaris here) or if it’s a 2017.

@m19081991_183098 , what is the model year of your car?

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Model is 2017

We scanned It and scanner did not show any error. I guess if problem is happening by a sensor It should be showed in scanner?